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thequestions88: Heyy, I love your blog. I've been following for a long time and i respect you guys as the blog runners for always supporting Drose, Especially since he's one of my favorite players. Jus wanted to ask if you can just give me some feed back on my current blog, its a basketball blog, its new so not much is on it but I jus wanted to see if you'd give your opinion on it.

thanks :)

and its good

i like how you are very diverse with the players u post

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itsediin: If you can, check out my blog, its all about Chicago Bulls! :]

Adding a gradient to all our edits doesn’t make it yours. Sorry to be rude, but learn to edit pictures yourself.

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game 1.

game 1.

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Before any rumors start, Derrick Rose is RULED OUT of the post-season.
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denodik: do you know who is derrick girlfriend?

He isn’t dating anyone. 

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❛Even though it’s hard, I talk about him because I see what he does every day. I see the work he puts in. He never exhales. He stays upbeat and positive for this team. He always stays aware of what’s going on with the team. He tells me what to do offensively. That’s who Derrick is. He’s always humble, always thinking about the team. It’s almost like he handles his situation better than I handle it. What he has dealt with, I don’t know that I could do that.❞
→Joakim Noah on Derrick Rose
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thequestions88-deactivated20140: Idk how to start. Not tryna sound homo or nothin but i really miss drose. Like really, in my mind he was like a distant big brother to me. I wanted to be just like him. Having all the talent in the world and with that all the reason to brag and change up, but he remains humble. I wanna be a hooper, and hopfully thru God my dreams can come true. He kept me pushing. Watchin him made me wanna be better. I hate that he is sidelined still. Thank U for running this blog tho and being supportive if him

I understand the feel, he’s such an inspiration to me too. & Hopefully your dreams to come true, just keep pushing and stay positive. Thank you, and keep staying #teamrosebeforehoes fse 

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