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Thought this was pretty similar. 

❛He looks like the old D. Rose to me.❞
→Rookie Doug McDermott
UPDATE: Derrick Rose among 19 other players will compete for a spot in Team USA’s 12-player roster. Rose will compete with Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry for the PG position.
❛Derrick is progressing very well. He went to most of Summer League practices and practiced with us at the end of the season. Now, he’ll have a chance to get ready for USA basketball and that’s great for him. He’s doing great. He’s adding something to his game all the time.❞
→Tom Thibodeau on Derrick Rose
UPDATE: According to Chicago Sun-Times, D. Rose’s outside shot has been lethal & his inside explosiveness has advanced compared to a year ago. Rookies and sophomores in summer league said to be no competition!
platano-consalami: Is derrick rose returning for 14/15 season ?


*UPDATE: Derrick Rose will practice with the Bulls’ summer league team this week & later join Team USA for minicamp in Las Vegas. #THERETURN
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